Acne Scar Treatment

Acne is the form of blackheads and pimples on the face, neck, back, and arms that affect males and females. The variety of causes behind acne problems includes genetics, fluctuating hormone levels, stress, high humidity, and oily or greasy personal care products. 



  1. A professional steroid injection for raised scars is the best treatment.
  2. Micro-needling Fractional Radiofrequency is the minimally invasive technique for improving the skin texture and helpful in rejuvenating the skin, reducing acne scars, open pores, wrinkles, stretch marks, sagging, and dullness with the combination of traditional micro-needling technique and the latest radiofrequency technique. The dermatologist controls the depth of the penetration of the micro needles with precision and continues until results are achieved.

         * Patients needs to take 4-6 sitting depending upon the severity

         * 60-80% of results can achieve when MNRF alone or in combination with other treatment modalities depending upon the type of the scars.

  1. Subcision – A needle is used to break the fibrous bands that pull the skin down.

        4. Dermaroller: It assists in stimulating collagen tissue that can smoothen the scar. Usually combines with other options also.

        5. Chemical Peel: It is for resurfacing the skin helpful in active acne, acne pigmentation, and acne scars.