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Dr. Gunjan


R S Skin and Hair Clinic, established in 2017 with the aim of providing the best services in dermatology and cosmetology, is led by Dr. Gunjan Aggarwal. With over 12 years of experience, Dr. Aggarwal is an esteemed dermatologist and trichologist practicing in north-west Delhi. She holds an MBBS and MD qualification, specializing in dermatology, and is dedicated to offering top-quality care for a variety of skin, hair, and nail disorders.

Meet Dr. Gunjan Aggarwal

Dr. Gunjan Aggarwal’s commitment to excellence has earned her a reputation for delivering outstanding care and treatment to her patients. She believes in understanding the root cause of skin and hair problems to provide effective, personalized solutions.
Dr. Gunajan has performed thousands of successful hair transplant surgeries, showcasing her expertise and dedication to her field.

At R S Skin and Hair Clinic, we offer a wide range of treatments for skin and hair issues, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care.

Our clinic is well-equipped with advanced technologies to assure the highest quality of treatments. Dr. Aggarwal and her team are passionate about helping patients achieve healthy and radiant skin, emphasizing personalized care and attention to detail.

We are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Whether you’re struggling with acne, hair loss, or other dermatological concerns, you can trust Dr. Gunjan Aggarwal and the team at R S Skin and Hair Clinic to provide the expertise and support you need to look and feel your best. Our continuous commitment to effective and budget-friendly skin remedies makes us the preferred choice for comprehensive dermatological care.


  • DMC
  • MCI

Our Values And Principle



To provide accessible, high-quality dermatological care, addressing diverse needs with compassion and expertise.



Empowering individuals to embrace their skin and hair health journey with confidence and assurance, leading to a happier, healthier community.