About RS Skin and Hair Clinic

RS Skin and Hair Clinic is a leading dermatology clinic in Delhi. We provide patient-focused care. Our approach is to find out the root cause of the disease and provide the best treatment possible. Good and genuine treatment always starts with the right diagnosis.


We Provides Best Skin & Hair Treatment

RS Skin and Hair  Clinic  is established with the  aim to provide best services in dermatology and cosmetology. The clinic is owned & headed by Dr. Gunjan Aggarwal, who is dedicated to give best treatment for all type of skin, hair and nail disorders.

Dr. Gunjan is MD, Dermatologist and trichologist practicing in north-west Delhi. Her approach is to dig deep and find the root cause of the problem and give best solution for the same.

The Clinic is well equipped with advance technologies to assure best quality of treatments