What Are The Causes Of Hair Fall? & Possible Treatments

what are the causes of hairfall

What are the causes of hair fall? Hair falls can be caused by many reasons. The Actual Reason can be determined by consulting a dermatologist. The causes are mentioned below.

These are All Possible Causes of Hair Fall and Treatment

Androgenic Alopecia

Men and women both can have this type of hair loss because it is the most Common cause of hair fall problems all over the world. In females, it is called female pattern hair loss and for men, it’s called male pattern hair loss. another term for androgenic Alopecia is Hereditary hair loss no matter what term you use it means that you have genes that can cause your hair follicles to get smaller and in the end stops hair growth. Shrinking of hair can begin as early as a teenager but it usually starts later.

In women, the first observable sign of androgenic alopecia is usually the overall thinning of hair or a widening part.

Is treatment or regrowth possible?

The answer is yes it can help you to stop or slow down your hair thinning. It can help you to regrow your lost hair. It’s just the earlier You Start the treatment The better it will work Without treatment you will continue losing the hair.


In this case, hair growth slows down with age and at some point, hair follicles Stop growing Hair also starts to lose its color and health. In females, the hairline naturally Starts to widen. 

Is treatment or regrowth possible?

Yes if it’s caught early, the treatment can help you to regrow your hair.

Alopecia Areata

It is a disease that develops when the body’s immunity system attacks hair follicles (which hold the hair in place) and it causes hair loss. In this case, you can lose hair from anywhere on your body, including your scalp, eyebrows, Eyelashes, inside the nose or in-ear 

Is treatment or regrowth possible?

Yes, regrowth will happen automatically if not treatment will help you to get regrowth.

Cancer Treatment

If You Had a radiation treatment or chemotherapy to your head or neck, you may lose all or most of the hair within a few weeks of starting treatment.

 Is treatment or regrowth possible?

Hair usually starts to regrow after some months of finishing radiation treatment or chemotherapy. Dermatologists can offer some medications to help you to grow your hair back more quickly.

Childbirth, illness, or Other Stress

After Some months of giving birth, recovering from illness, or having an operation. Maybe you can notice some hair on your pillow, on your hair brush, it also can happen because of a stressful time in your life. Such As Divorce, death, or any mishap which made you stressed. 

 Is treatment or regrowth possible?

Yes, The Treatment is possible if stress stops, Your body will be readjusted and starts regrowth of hair. Mostly the Full results have shown After 6-9 months.

Hair Care

If you Color your hair or get smoothening or any such treatment did it could damage your hair overall this damage can be the cause of hair loss.

Is treatment or regrowth possible?

You have to Stop taking such treatment to stop the damage to a follicle the hair will not re-grow from that follicle. Having too many damaged follicles creates permanent bald Spots.

Traction Alopecia

If You wear tightly pulled back hair, The continuous pulling back can lead to permanent hair loss.

Is treatment or regrowth possible?

No. you can only prevent your hair loss by making some changes to your hair style.

Hormonal imbalance

The Most Common cause of this imbalance is PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). 

Which Can Be the Reason for Hair loss. Using some types of birth control pills can cause a temporary hormonal imbalance. Women who develop a hormonal imbalance can develop thin hair on their Scalp.

Scalp infection 

 In scalp infection, you Could See small black dots on your scalp. 

Is regrowth possible?

Yes, Treatment will get rid of the infection once the infection clears. Hair will regrow. 


Sometimes its possible medication can cause hair loss. If you are noticing medication is causing the hair loss firstly ask the doctor who prescribed it and if hair loss is possible side effect of that. It’s necessary that you do not have to stop talking before talking with your doctor. Because stopping some medications immediately can cause serious health issues.

Is treatment or regrowth possible?

Yes it’s possible by consulting a doctor and a dermatologist 


Some People pull on their hair when they feel stressed. They may unaware that it can be because of hair loss the medical term for this is trichotillomania

Is treatment or regrowth possible?

Yes, treatment and regrowth are possible if hair follicles are not destroyed. And you have to control stop touching or pulling hair.

Cicatricial alopecia.

Another term used for this is Scarring alopecia; this condition develops when inflammation destroys hair follicles. Once it’s destroyed hair follicles cannot grow hair.

Is treatment or regrowth possible?

If hair follicles are destroyed hair cannot grow but you can prevent further hair fall or hair loss.

Thyroid disease

If You Have thyroid problems you may see hair thinning or hair fall. Some people notice when they comb or brush it.

Is treatment or regrowth possible?

Yes, the treatment possible for treating thyroid can reverse hair loss or hair thinning. 

So, now you got the answer for What are the causes of hair fall? and all possible treatments to regrow your hair.

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