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Laser Beard Shaping

April 16, 2024 90 people Latest news

With laser beard shaping, hair is only allowed to grow in the designated beard zone, hence inhibiting its growth in the treated area. By using this method, you can minimize the coarseness and thickness of your beard while maintaining a tidy appearance and a clearly defined beard line. With laser beard sculpture, one can permanently maintain a well-groomed beard line and get rid of neck hair, enabling them to always look presentable, even when their five o'clock shadow appears. For optimal effects, it is recommended to repeat each laser treatment at least six times, with a duration ranging from a few minutes to an hour. You may still wish to shave in order to get rid of any visible hair while you wait for the treated hair to fall out naturally. To prevent irritation or harm, you should wait until your skin has completely healed before shaving; this might take up to two weeks. But feel free to shave as soon as you're clear!


  • Laser Beard Shaping in Rohini Sector 11
  • Laser Beard Shaping in Rohini Sector 19
  • Laser Beard Shaping in Rohini Sector 17
  • Laser Beard Shaping in Rohini Sector 16
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