Common Myths About Hair Transplant Surgery

myths about hair transplant surgery

Common myths about hair transplant surgery. Hair loss has become a very very common issue that affects so many people today predominantly males. It feels terrible to lose hair. it’s not just how you look it’s about how you feel. Dr. Gunjan R S Clinic in Rohini sector 5 Delhi has come across so many patients who are suffering from low esteem, lack confidence, depression, anxiety, and other problems due to hair loss.

Thanks to the advances in science and new technology there are many options for baldness, the most common and successful option is hair transplantation.
Despite the fact that it has a very good success rate and has been in the market for a very long time, people still hesitate to try it because of certain myths. So, In this article, I am trying to address those myths.

These Are Some Popular & Common Myths About Hair Transplant Surgery

Myth 1: it has bad effects on vision Fact. There is no connection between hair transplant surgery and vision.

Myth 2: Hair transplant is a very painful procedure Fact. The doctor will give you anesthesia at the beginning of hair transplant surgery after that you will not be having absolutely no pain under its influence.

Myth 3: It has bad effects on brain Fact. The majority of people believe that this can cause side effects on the brain which is not correct.

Myth 4: Results are temporary Facts. Results are permanent as we extract hair from androgen insensitive area which stays in the 70s also.

Myth 5: High maintenance Fact. These hairs grows normally after a certain period of time. They do not require a special salon for grooming or continuous medicines for growth. Consider them your natural hair.


With realistic expectations, hair transplant surgery is the best option to treat baldness or hair loss. The best part is it is permanent, effective, affordable, and safe. I hope this article is helpful in busting your myths about hair transplant surgery.

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